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We are conveniently located across the street from Tri-State Outfitters

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Our Practice & Technology

Our facility is STATE-OF-THE-ART!

Advanced Eyecare Associates is a state-of-the-art eye center in Moses Lake
We take pride in providing you with the best.

Our medical team utilizes sophisticated high-tech instrumentation including an integrated paperless system and the latest in digital refraction equipment. This helps us provide the best clinical care possible to our patients

Dr. Osborne has truly established a high standard of patient care with a modern, “technology-integrated practice”.

We are committed to providing our patients the best possible care and as such can provide the following services:


We use a specialized digital camera on a microscope to record and help diagnose conditions affecting the external structures of the eye including the lids, conjunctiva and cornea.


“NO AIR-PUFF” technology. High eye pressure is a risk factor for the progressive neurologic condition known as glaucoma.